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With all printed products the design is crucial. We will make your work grab the audience you desire. Whether you have something made already, or it doesn't look quite right, we can redesign it or start from scratch. We can help you with logo design, corportate identity and layout.

dtp and typesetting

Southern Editorial Services is very experienced in desktop publishing and typesetting. With numerous publications and books under its belt we can produce high quality work to meet your needs. From your restaurant menu, thesis, your school magazine or poster we can get it done. For samples of our work click here.


Have you ever read something that doesn't make sense or confused you?
Do you want someone to polish up your speech?
Are you over your word quota and can't seem to be effective at cutting it down?
Southern Editorial speaks for itself in the field of editing. We can sub edit, cut, proof, rewrite and help you get back on track and make it all make sense.


Copywriting and reporting is one of our specialities. With over 40 years of writing experience including comics, novels, signboards, advertising and patient literature we can produce text for you quickly and easily. Whether it be 100 words or 1000 we can report, write copy and features on any topic you desire.


We offer full consultation to help you get from the idea to the printed page. We are very flexible and can meet at your office or over a coffee as we believe informality and comfort creates good work which in turn gives you the best results.


Southern Editorial has always enjoyed photography, We can incorporate photos into your design, come to an event and take them for you, or take your digital images and jazz them up to make them stand out. We can provide digital images on CD or as prints or as conventional 35mm. The topics we have convered include royal visits, VIP engagements, fun runs, cheque presentations, fundraising events, construction of new buildings and more. For samples of our work click here.